300+ Argumentative Essay topics to write Essays about

Look around you, listen, observe trends, and you will realize that there are many argumentative topics you can write an essay about. Every student yearns to write an argumentative essay that will score an A+ grade. The choice of a topic determines whether such wishes become a reality or an unrealized dream.

In this topic guide, we take you through the process of researching and choosing the best argumentative essay topics. We have categorized the list and will keep updating it. You can easily pick a topic here and brainstorm around it or write an essay.

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Before anything else, let’s remind ourselves how to arrive at the most suitable and relevant topics for your argumentative essays.

You have probably been struggling with choosing a good argumentative essay topic to write an essay. It is a common phenomenon that occurs when your argumentative essay prompt does not have a topic or a list of topics.

Why must you choose appropriate essay topics?

When there is no topic assigned to you, you have no otherwise but to choose topics for your argumentative essays. When the choice is left up to you, there are a few things the professor or instructor is testing:

  • Whether you can research and come up with a topic
  • If you have understood how to choose a topic independently
  • If you can leverage your critical thinking and creativity skills to formulate a good topic
  • If you can write on something interesting
  • Whether you can pull out a controversial or funny argumentative essay topic and write a great essay on it

Choosing a good topic enables you to develop better arguments, develop a good thesis, and choose a great essay title.

Some of the skills at play when formulating a topic include reading and writing, comprehension, summarization, analytical, and research skills.

Therefore, when assigned to choose your own debate topic for an essay, it is for your own good.

How does a good argumentative topic look like?

Although controversial topics make for an excellent argumentative essay topic, any argumentative topic can easily score you a high grade. So let’s look at some of the features that make a good topic for your argumentative essay:

  • Debatable: An excellent argumentative essay topic should be debatable because you are to form arguments and counterarguments in an argumentative essay. You will be covering two sides of a given topic or issue.
  • Relatable: A good argumentative topic for an essay should be relatable. It should adapt to your course, career, profession, or interests.
  • Memorable: Choose a topic that is memorable enough to make your readers read an essay right from the start to the end.
  • Straightforward: A specific topic enables you to help your readers to continue the debate. You can also convince the readers that even though one side of the debate is better, the other side also fits the discussion.

To select an A+ worthy argumentative topic, focus on what is at hand. Many blogs and websites list topics that you can use when brainstorming.

Tips to use when choosing debatable or polemic essay topics

  1. Read the prompt to understand what your instructor is looking for in your essay. If you are given a list, choose the most suitable from the list. A topic is only suitable if it interests you, resonates with your skills, and has information available online.
  2. Avoid topics that are difficult to debate. Remember, you have a few pages to write an essay. Therefore, limit the scope by selecting a topic whose content can fill the pages you have.
  3. Choose a topic you can express your opinion about without difficulties.
  4. Consult with your instructor if a topic is worth writing about and the possible angle to take if you are confused.
  5. Do not select emotionally charged topics as they will most likely be challenging to tackle in one essay.
  6. If you are so clogged up, think about the news, search for issues featured, and look for information from scholarly sources.
  7. Try to write about controversial topics that everyone is avoiding. If written well, these topics can earn you grades because the chances of submitting or reading from the same source are scarce. Once you are a good writer, no topic under the sun is too tricky to tackle. Some controversial areas include extremism, climate change, religion, abortion, vaccines, gun control, marriage, parenting, animal rights, privacy rights, punishment, and marijuana legalization, to name a few.

List of 300+ argumentative essay topics and Ideas

You have probably been struggling with choosing a good argumentative essay topic to write an essay. It is a common phenomenon that occurs when your argumentative essay prompt does not have a topic or a list of topics.

Our list is categorized to make it even easier to settle for a given topic. If you do not find a befitting topic, you can brainstorm using topics from this list to develop ideas and new topics.


Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Older adults should be allowed to relocate to other countries
  2. Dogs make better pets than cats
  3. Everybody should be allowed to choose their name at teenage
  4. Telling lies is good
  5. Panda hugging is a great career
  6. Is working in the zoo satisfying?
  7. Is Bermuda Triangle real?
  8. Should people be allowed to switch families?
  9. Should people with tattoos be employed in government positions?
  10. Breakfast is not the most important meal for the day
  11. Ditching sugar saves lives
  12. Working hours should be shortened
  13. Bars should be closed on weekdays
  14. Human cloning should be allowed
  15. Amazon is famous than Walmart
  16. Customers are never right
  17. High school teachers should never retire
  18. Men should be allowed to be stay-at-home dads
  19. Parents should never give birth to many children
  20. Politicians should visit the zoo to learn their animal character look-alikes
  21. Old politicians should retire
  22. Bean is the best comedian in the history of comedy
  23. Parents should pay their children for doing chores
  24. Every parent should buy their kid a bike
  25. Men are colorblind
  26. Dads care more than moms, discuss
  27. Commuting on bikes is safer than driving
  28. Carpooling is safer for kids
  29. Are surnames a curse or a blessing?
  30. Should one marry their first love?
  31. Does love conquer the world?
  32. Can someone love a poor person?
  33. Is there anything like date rape?
  34. Should camping be mandatory for every family?
  35. Are family functions useful?
  36. Is giving birth to a child costly?
  37. Should pregnant mothers be celebrated?
  38. Are naming parties a practical tradition?
  39. Women know how to choose things than men
  40. Should people celebrate baby showers?
  41. Do computers always crash when you have homework?
  42. Should deadline extensions be allowed for every student?
  43. Can a professor marry a student?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should conservatorship be allowed for mentally ill wealthy people?
  2. Should smoking in homes be banned for parents with kids?
  3. Should mothers in danger be allowed to abort?
  4. Is it ethical to kill feral cat populations in a town?
  5. Can surrogate mothers claim the wealth of their children?
  6. Should gay parents be allowed to adopt kids?
  7. Should everybody have access to health insurance?
  8. Electric vehicles are a greenwash
  9. Vaping should be illegalized
  10. Every country should give shelter to displaced refugees
  11. Sugar tax can help fight obesity
  12. Politicians are never serious with anything
  13. Girls are more intelligent than boys
  14. Long-distance relationships are healthy
  15. Religion does more good than harm to society
  16. Education prepares students for life
  17. The media promotes violence and racism
  18. Organic foods are better than GMO foods
  19. Doctors should be allowed to decide on assisted suicide
  20. Every student should receive bilingual education
  21. Every family should invest in urban agriculture
  22. Everybody deserves equal access to healthcare
  23. Net neutrality provides access to information to all
  24. Should the Death penalty be abolished?
  25. Does religion contribute to terrorism and wars?
  26. COVID-19 Vaccinations should not be mandatory
  27. Marijuana legalization for medical use is good
  28. Critical race theory (CRT) is not Marxism
  29. CRT teaches students to love America, not to hate it
  30. Freedom of speech should be allowed in school
  31. Human activities lead to climate change, and so humans cannot respond to it
  32. Social security should be a federal program
  33. Social security should not be privatized
  34. Artificial intelligence does better work than humans
  35. Everyone should be allowed religious freedom
  36. Do atheists have freedom of worship?
  37. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  38. Atheists should be allowed freedom of speech
  39. Homosexuality should not be criminalized
  40. Should developed countries pay reparations to developing countries?
  41. Ethical hacking is good
  42. Are labor unions effective in championing workers’ rights?
  43. The electoral college should be abolished
  44. Outsourcing to developing countries is bad
  45. Outsourcing overseas increases unemployment in America
  46. Gun control laws have not reduced crime and gun deaths
  47. The United States should not give foreign aid but invest in the receiving countries
  48. Is nuclear energy the next energy frontier?
  49. Police brutality should be punishable
  50. Charter schools are better than traditional public schooling
  51. Students should be allowed to drop out of college
  52. Children should determine whether parents can divorce or not

Education Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Teachers should be paid well
  2. Physical education classes should be mandatory
  3. Private schools perform better than public schools
  4. The state should fund college education
  5. Students should be forgiven student loans
  6. Students who are successful professionals should not apply for loans
  7. Every student must participate in an extracurricular activity
  8. Students should be allowed more time for homework
  9. Online book libraries should be free to access by all students
  10. A universal curriculum can equalize education
  11. College education should be free
  12. Standardized tests are great for evaluating performance
  13. Gifted students should be nurtured
  14. Students should randomly be tested for drugs
  15. Is compulsory homework beneficial for students
  16. Girls can also perform better on STEM subjects
  17. The world should have a universal uniform for students
  18. Teachers should be allowed to physically discipline students
  19. Expulsions and suspensions should be abolished
  20. Boarding schools should be abolished
  21. All students should learn programming
  22. Critical thinking and communication should be compulsory subjects
  23. Every student should learn philosophy
  24. Technology improves students’ performance
  25. Does smaller class size improver student’s performance?
  26. Is one-on-one teaching effective?
  27. Are online classes better than hybrid classes?
  28. Girls should be allowed to take part in sports
  29. Wearing hijabs and other religious or cultural clothes should not be allowed in school
  30. Religious organizations should not sponsor schools
  31. Parents must actively engage in their child’s education
  32. Students should not be graded
  33. Schools should only cook healthy meals
  34. All students should eat from the school cafeteria
  35. Students should learn more than one language
  36. Vending machines in schools should be banned
  37. Teachers should not be banned
  38. Armed guards should guard schools
  39. Music should be mandatory in high school
  40. Middle school children should nap in the afternoon

Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Nursing students should receive extra financial support from the government
  2. Access to nursing and medicine textbooks should be free
  3. Group work helps nursing students pass exams
  4. Capstone projects are easier to write than dissertations
  5. Nursing students are the most hardworking students
  6. Nurses should be paid better
  7. Nurse shortages affects population health
  8. Nurses are compassionate people
  9. Nurses make better parents and partners
  10. Nurses can address childhood obesity
  11. Nurses are better mothers
  12. Should anyone from any profession be allowed to study nursing?
  13. Nursing education should take more years to master
  14. Nurses who study and work should receive monthly stipends

Animal testing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Animal testing for cosmetics should be banned
  2. Companies that use animal subjects should pay higher taxes
  3. Products tested on animals should bear labels
  4. There are better and cheaper methods to animal testing
  5. Students should raise awareness about animal testing
  6. Animal testing subjects animals to avoidable pain
  7. Drugs tested on animals should not be used in humans
  8. Scientific discovery makes animal testing useless
  9. Scientists should champion for less animal testing
  10. Governments should protect the rights of animals
  11. Animal testing is unethical
  12. People should stop dressing animals like humans
  13. People who abandon their pets should be punished?
  14. Do animal shelters help animals?
  15. Is keeping animals in zoos inhumane?
  16. Should wild animals be tamed?
  17. Are pet snakes a ticking timebomb?
  18. Fashion brands should not use fur from animals
  19. Using animals for entertainment should be prohibited

Middle School Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do influencers make good role models?
  2. Are parents the best teachers?
  3. Parents should help their children complete homework
  4. Homeschooling is better than going to school
  5. Online classes are better than physical classes
  6. Cycling to school is better than commuting
  7. Electric cars conserve the environment
  8. Cigarette smoking should be banned
  9. People should be allowed to keep pets
  10. Older people should be assisted
  11. Schools should provide healthy lunch options
  12. School uniforms should be mandatory and similar for a given state
  13. All students should take sex education classes
  14. Teachers deserve better pay and packages
  15. Homework keeps students engaged
  16. Beauty pageants are a great idea
  17. Social media impacts bullying
  18. Students who bully others should be expelled
  19. Students should be allowed a safe space to share their problems
  20. Having friends in school is beneficial
  21. Students should be taught farming in school
  22. Every student should have access to education
  23. Schools should employ counselors
  24. Students should be allowed to invest
  25. Students who get excellent grades should nurture slow learners
  26. Students should be allowed to meet their icons
  27. Are teachers to blame for poor performance?
  28. Should regional grading be allowed?
  29. Are ivy league schools better than public schools?
  30. Should university rankings be abolished?
  31. Should all universities have the same curriculum?
  32. Universities should be nonprofit organizations

Parenting Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Parents should be awarded when kids succeed in school
  2. Young couples should undergo mandatory premarital classes
  3. Weddings are overrated
  4. Democratic parenting is better than helicopter parenting
  5. Parents should inform their adopted kids when the time is right
  6. Parents should avoid assaulting kids
  7. Divorce affects kids more than parents
  8. Parents who get incarcerated lose touch with their kids
  9. Incentivizing appropriate behavior works for parenting
  10. Parents should teach kids about teenage pregnancy
  11. Parents should teach kids about contraceptives
  12. Parents with teenagers should teach them about the dangers of alcohol
  13. Drunk texting can be solved through proper parenting
  14. Single parents also make better parents
  15. Parents should pay fees for students until university levels
  16. Aged parents can move in with their adult children
  17. Parents should treat nannies well
  18. Same-sex parenting negatively influence a child’s mentality and morality
  19. Governments should control childbirth
  20. Parents should only give birth to kids they can raise
  21. Parents should confiscate phones from their children
  22. Parents should read their children’s diaries
  23. Should parents allow their children to go for sleepovers?
  24. Can parents intervene in their teenage children’s personal relationships?

Sports argumentative topics

  1. Should animals not be used in sports?
  2. Cheerleading should be part of sports
  3. Colleges should spend money on sports programs
  4. Elite sportspeople deserve enormous pay
  5. Is sport related to talents?
  6. Can disabled people be professional sportspeople?
  7. Should college athletes be paid?
  8. Should sportspeople be allowed to change citizenships?
  9. Is FIFA a great sports organization than NBA?
  10. Can sportspeople fight for the rights of common citizens?
  11. Are Olympics competitions beneficial?
  12. Should marijuana be legalized for sportspeople?
  13. Can participating in sports affect academic performance?
  14. Should successful sportspeople be awarded honorary sports degrees?
  15. Do sportspeople make better leaders?
  16. Should transgender people be allowed to compete in sports?
  17. Should sports betting be banned?
  18. Are sports betting firms ethical?
  19. Is it ethical for betting firms to support social good courses?
  20. Should sports betting be regulated?

Moral issues or Ethics Topics to consider

  1. Should prostitution be legalized?
  2. Is it ethical for doctors to avoid treating a patient?
  3. Should homosexuality be normalized
  4. Should children participate in research even with the consent of parents?
  5. Should children be taught how to use pepper spray?
  6. Is it ethical to eat animals?
  7. Is eating swine ethical?
  8. Is it okay to lie to protect the truth that hurts?
  9. Are racial quotas by colleges beneficial for minority students?
  10. Is it right to use religion to mock others?
  11. Should homeless people be used to test drugs?
  12. Is it ethical to deny prisoners food?
  13. Should children be punished for the sins of their parents?
  14. Should using drugs be legalized?
  15. Should disabled people be allowed to participate in research?
  16. Should the church criticize the government?
  17. Should brands be allowed to advertise to kids?
  18. Is the legalization of marijuana economically beneficial?
  19. Should the rich be exempted from tax?
  20. Should church funds be taxed?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Google is making people stupid
  2. Artificial intelligence is the future of civilization
  3. Gamification raises better learners
  4. Driverless cars are far from being a reality
  5. Bitcoin should be adopted and regulated by governments
  6. Technology increases the complexity of cybercrimes
  7. Are humans too dependent on computers
  8. Smartphones are making people antisocial
  9. Online dating apps are both good and bad
  10. Cell phones are harmful to kids
  11. Social media fame can cause stress
  12. Cell phones are dangerous to the environment
  13. Should developed nations dump old technologies into developing countries?
  14. Does technology make the world equal?
  15. Should people pay to use the internet?
  16. Does technology influence creativity?
  17. Can technology help save animals from poaching?
  18. Is technology making privacy useless?
  19. Can bitcoin replace conventional money?
  20. Is mobile banking better than physical banking?
  21. Does technological advancement increase security threats?
  22. Do terrorists use social media to recruit insurgents?
  23. Has the internet created a global village?
  24. Technology is the glue that holds globalization, explain
  25. Can people stop using social media for their own free will?
  26. Are governments monitoring social media?
  27. Are social media a surveillance tool?
  28. Is slacktivism effective in bringing societal change?
  29. Too much screen time is bad for kids
  30. Businesses should use social media to engage customers
  31. Technology can help curb climate change
  32. Businesses should not sell customer information
  33. Multinational organizations should pay workers equally
  34. Counselors should not share client’s details on social media
  35. Is LinkedIn an effective job-hunting platform?
  36. Can earnings from YouTube sustain an individual?
  37. Celebrity endorsements are unethical
  38. Social media killed person-to-person communication
  39. Social media has improved businesses
  40. Blogging is a great profession
  41. People can earn a living through social media
  42. Underage children should not be posted on social media

Aviation Argumentative Topics

  1. National airlines should be bailed out when in financial crises
  2. Airlines should not disclose personal information to marketers
  3. Airport security should be a priority
  4. Airports facilitate human trafficking
  5. Airports are the nerve center of transport globally
  6. Pilots should be paid well
  7. Performing airlines should be rewarded
  8. Private airports should be allowed
  9. Airports should have hospitals and research centers
  10. Pilotless aircraft technology is a threat to pilots
  11. Aircraft accidents are always fatal
  12. Children born in airports are allowed to travel free the rest of their lives
  13. Pilot shortage affects the performance of airlines
  14. Artificial intelligence has improved airline performance
  15. Working in airports has a high risk
  16. Aircraft crew are always welcoming
  17. Few women are pilots
  18. Female pilots are better than male pilots

Politics Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The Iraq invasion was unnecessary
  2. Wars are creations by politicians for their personal benefits
  3. Government spending on wars should be reduced
  4. The US is not justified to withdraw from Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
  5. Is patriotism dead?
  6. Is the president above the law?
  7. Can a president be prosecuted?
  8. Are African countries governed well?
  9. Is China colonizing the African continent through debts?
  10. Is America slowly falling into anarchy after the violent protests fueled by racial inequality?
  11. Terrorism is a political instrument
  12. Overrepresentation in parliament causes waste of public funds
  13. Is there an ideal political system?
  14. Are civil wars failures of national politicians?
  15. Does corruption stifle development?
  16. Is democracy dead?
  17. Are parliamentary republics better than presidential republics?
  18. Should politicians be allowed to invest in other countries?
  19. Should America build a wall around it?
  20. Is America a superpower?
  21. Can developed nations solve global problems?
  22. Are terrorist organizations political tools?
  23. The shift of the textile industry to China is bad for other countries
  24. The US and Russia can end all wars in the world
  25. All countries should stop using nuclear power
  26. Is North Korea a threat to global peace?
  27. Do trade blocs help with the flow of goods in countries?
  28. Should the UK continue with Brexit ideas?
  29. Should other countries meddle in elections in other countries?
  30. Is there a country that prefects the world?
  31. Do only a few people own the world?
  32. Are governments doing better to curb climate change?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Society and Culture

  1. Is the death penalty effective?
  2. Are gun control laws helping reduce gun deaths?
  3. Girls are too mean in relationships
  4. Competition is good
  5. Is gambling bad?
  6. Should working dads and moms get equal leave days?
  7. Should women have preserved positions in governments?
  8. Are Aboriginal groups overrepresented in the criminal justice system?
  9. Is there a link between poverty, hunger, and homelessness?
  10. Do all students experience culture shock when studying abroad?
  11. Is homesickness bad for students?
  12. Wealthy citizens should pay more taxes
  13. Drunk drivers who cause accidents should never drive
  14. Capital punishment affects mental health
  15. Violent video games make kids aggressive
  16. Cartoons influence the character of kids
  17. Watching too much television corrupts reasoning
  18. The media frames people to think in a specific way
  19. The media increases hate crimes
  20. Homeless people should be equipped with skills instead of money
  21. Instead of investing in wars, countries should invest in healthcare
  22. Countries should be borderless
  23. People should not own land
  24. Social media is bad for students
  25. Millennials are too entitled than the previous generations
  26. Gambling is a form of addiction

Argumentative Essay Topics about Law

  1. Everyone should be allowed to access justice
  2. Judges should be paid better
  3. American citizens should join the jury
  4. Is criminal profiling by law enforcement helpful in identifying criminals?
  5. Should serial killers be hanged?
  6. Is criminal justice fair for minority groups?
  7. Are private prisons better than state-run prisons?
  8. Alternative dispute resolution can reduce incarceration rates
  9. The American judicial system is against blacks and minorities
  10. Should governments monitor communications to deter crime?
  11. Should police officers who assault citizens be prosecuted?
  12. Is the international court of criminal justice efficient?

Argumentative Topics on Feminism

Topics on feminism are always thrilling. There is an instant rise in millions of feminists and feminist organizations. Yet, at the same time, many people criticize feminism. Feminism refers to a social, historical, and political movement of women who speak about economic, political, and personal equality between men and women.

Here are some argumentative topics to write a for or against essay:

  1. Feminism is not dead
  2. Mass media gives feminist voices
  3. Feminists are only existent on social media
  4. Are feminists a threat to men?
  5. Feminism is linked to hate crimes
  6. Is modern feminism discriminating against men?
  7. Feminism is a threat to equality
  8. Is Beyonce a feminist?
  9. Are women victims of false beliefs?
  10. Are gender roles and stereotypes significant today?
  11. Is the internet propagating feminism?
  12. Does feminism undermine masculinity?
  13. Can men be feminists?
  14. Is feminism promoting matriarchal society?
  15. Is feminism affecting family values?
  16. Is motherhood a way to control women?
  17. Are women the most important beings in the history of humanity?
  18. Does the media depict women wrongly?
  19. Are women depicted as tools in literature?
  20. Are women their own enemy?
  21. Is black feminism a separate movement?
  22. Is gender equality a myth?
  23. Are provocative methods in feminism effective?
  24. Stay at home moms should be paid
  25. Should housewives be paid?
  26. Is infantilization of women bad?
  27. Is sexualizing girlishness in ads bad?