How to Write a Faith Integration Paper and Score an A

How to Write a Faith Integration Paper and Score an A

Assuming you have been assigned to write a faith integration essay, term paper, or research paper, you might first find it challenging. It is a normal encounter, especially if it is your first.

We explore some important aspects relating to writing a faith integration paper so that the entire process becomes easier. We start by defining what it is, steps to take when researching and writing, and explore some useful tips before presenting a sample two-paragraph faith integration essay.

Follow these guidelines to join the league of performing students who turn in papers that professors, instructors, and teachers relate well with. Do it as we advise and score the best grades for it.

Let’s dive right in, won’t we?

What is a faith integration paper?

A faith integration paper is a traditional essay or research paper that integrates specific religious components, concepts, teachings, canonicals, or facts. In many instances, faith integration papers apply both scientific or secular arguments and religious arguments to explain a thesis. Therefore, this paper is not regarded as a pure objective essay or research paper.

When assigned to write this paper, you must share your religious faith, or the university religious perspectives are encouraged to make concrete arguments that support the thesis statement of the faith integration paper.

Writing a faith integration essay demands the application of objective scholarly sources and evidence to support your claims.

Typical faith integration paper applies both the scripture and scholarly journal side by side to demonstrate the holiness of your evidence in supporting your arguments.

Research Paper vs. Faith Integration Paper

Many students are not able to differentiate between the research paper and the faith integration paper.

A research paper is different from a faith integration paper in several ways. However, the significant difference is that the faith integration paper applies religious evidence that is not scientific to support the thesis of the paper. Since numerous faith integration papers are assigned by faith-based or religious schools, writing this paper demands a demonstration of the ability to incorporate secular worldview with religious perspectives.

To succeed in writing your faith integration paper, you must present religious interpretation or support for the secular claim you advance in your thesis when writing the paper. Faith integration paper supplements scientific worldviews with the writer’s religious world view to bring the meaning of the paper. On the other hand, a research paper does not involve integrating religious aspects unless it is a religious study or a leadership research paper.

Generally, the underlying difference between a research paper and a faith integration paper is the existence of subjective-religious elements.

8 Steps to take when writing a faith integration paper

1. Read the instructions

Instructions form the core requirements of every paper. Therefore, to write a good faith integration paper, you must adhere to your instructor’s instructions. In many instances, the instruction may include the topic to be written, the format of the paper, word count or the number of pages, and submission details. Reading the instruction of a particular faith integration paper is vital in understanding the paper’s specific requirement and, in many cases, is crucial in grading. This means that when you fail to read and apply the instructions provided, you can get lower grades in the assigned faith integration paper. Consequently, it is critical to read the instructions carefully before embarking on writing your faith integration paper.

2. Plan your faith integration paper

Like any other essay, a faith integration paper involves a plan to ensure the paper fulfills its purpose. Moreover, planning your faith integration essay or research paper will give you an easy time when writing the paper. Planning your faith integration paper will sort out all you want to include in your paper. When planning your paper, you put your ideas in position and define your points clearly and logically. Planning your faith integration paper involves declaring the intent study of the essay question, brainstorming, and writing thoughts. It also entails listing words to be used in the essay and noting the major points that support the paper. In general, planning your faith integration essay enables the reader to grasp the points addressed quickly.

3. Choose a topic and thesis for your paper

Sometimes your instructor may provide you with the topic of faith integration paper. However, when your instructor does not give a specific topic of the paper, you should select the appropriate one that interests you.

However, it is critical to choose the topic and thesis that reflects faith’s beliefs that are of critical focus. Therefore, you should be strategic in selecting the topic of your paper to write a thesis that can be typically integrated with religious facts. Failure to adhere to this concept can lead to code of honor violation and make you lose more marks on the paper.

Besides, your topic should meet the requirements set out in the assignment prompt. If you are in doubt, you can contact your instructor for clarification.

4. Research widely and organize your research

Faith integration paper, just like any other academic paper, involves research and organization. Before you begin writing your paper, you should explore the sources for facts, figures, examples, and evidence that support your claims.

Because this paper applies biblical quotes, you can use Google as the best option to do your research.

Sites such as,,,, and can provide you with your preferred biblical quotes that you can integrate into your essay or research paper.

Using these tools will save your time about scriptural integration. Moreover, you can use google scholar to get secular or scientific sources that provide worldview positions that you can integrate with religious perspectives.

We advise that you do comprehensive research to provide concrete evidence in your integration paper. Moreover, organize your research well both when researching and writing. You can manage the sources you gather online to ensure that you avoid plagiarism. Finally, ensure that the facts and examples match the perspectives you integrate into your paper when writing.

5. Write an outline for your paper

The next step after doing your comprehensive research is to write the outline of your paper.

Many students assume that writing an outline is unnecessary and is just a waste of time. However, this is not always the case. Writing an outline of your faith integration paper will give you an easy time when writing your paper. In addition, it provides a framework of what your final paper will look like.

Students who write an essay or research paper without an outline find it challenging to write the paper compared to the students who have an outline. However, the latter group ends up enjoying better grades than the former.

It is a no-brainer that a paper or essay outline guides you on what to include in a specific part of the paper, such as at the introduction, body, or conclusion sections of the paper.

Overall, writing an outline of your faith integration paper will enable you to write a proficient paper that attracts the attention of the marker and the reader of your paper.

6. Write your first draft

When initially writing a faith integration paper, you should not spend much time on perfection. You should instead treat the paper as a draft because it will involve several adjustments before its submission as the final paper. Consider the following steps when writing your first draft:

Begin with the body paragraphs

Many students will ask why they should begin their faith integration paper with the body paragraph rather than the introduction. You should start your draft with the body paragraph to ensure the transition, flow, coherence, and quality discussions, paragraphs, and sentences.

When you begin writing your essay with the body paragraphs then the introduction before the conclusion, you write a paper that holds water in whichever aspect. Your claims, counterclaims, and ideas will be consistent from the introduction to the conclusion.

Moreover, you may realize that your thesis statement requires adjustment. Consequently, writing the body paragraphs first will give an easy time to create a thesis statement that supports the ideologies discussed in the body paragraphs of your paper.

Write a good introduction

After writing the body paragraphs, it is now easy to write the introduction because you can easily construct a thesis statement based on the ideas discussed in the body paragraphs.

A good introduction provides a hook statement, an overview of the background information about the topic, and a thesis statement. The thesis statement of the paper comes as the last statement at the end of the paragraph. Therefore, as a student, you should ensure that you provide an effective introduction that entails the background information and informed thesis abatement in your faith integration paper.

Finish with conclusion

After writing the introduction of your first draft, you can now conclude your paper with a conclusion. At this point, you have some flow from the introduction to the body paragraphs.

The conclusion provides a summary of the paper. Therefore, the conclusion of your integration paper should reinstate the thesis statement provided in the introduction paragraph. However, it would help to rephrase the thesis instead of lifting it as is in the introduction. It should also incorporate a concise summary of the ideas discussed in the body paragraph. Moreover, it incorporates the concluding statement that defines your position concerning the ideologies addressed in the paper.


7. Edit and proofread your paper

It is vital to proofread the paper after completion to correct any errors in the paper.

Many students lose marks because they do not proofread their papers after completion. In any case, this always results in submitting papers full of errors, discouraging both the markers and the readers. Proofreading enables you to change sentence structure, check to spell, and make any adjustments that can make the paper effective to the marker and the reader.

8. Submit the paper within the deadline

Details about the submission of the paper are addressed in the instructions provided by your instructor.

Failing to submit the paper within the deadline can lower your marks. Moreover, it can affect your relationship with your instructor. Therefore, it is important to submit your faith integration paper within the deadline as defined by the instructions.

Formatting a faith integration paper

The format of the faith integration paper is the same as the format of any other research paper or essay. However, when formatting your faith integration paper, it is crucial to apply a thesis-driven model where the body sections or paragraphs support the thesis statement.

The only identifiable difference between formatting a faith integration paper and the formatting of a traditional research paper is that the format of faith integration paper involves referring to religious materials such as the Bible. Therefore, you must include scriptural evidence about the style guide assigned by your professor.

Formatting of faith integration essay regards scriptural reference as one of the fundamental aspects of writing the paper. Therefore, all the scriptural references you use in your paper should be appropriately cited in the body of the paper and presented as the works cited or references at the end of the faith integration paper.

Top 5 Useful Tips when writing a faith integration paper

As a Christian theologian/scholar or a leadership or religion student, you are expected to write a faith integration paper where you embed faith in various aspects of academic research. To successfully write a faith integration paper where you should use the tips below.

1. Select the topic of your interest that conforms with your faith beliefs

Selecting the topic of your interest will give you an ample opportunity to write your faith integration essay the best way you can. Moreover, it will enable you to express what you know about the topic to the best of your knowledge.

Therefore, students are encouraged to select the topic they are interested in instead of topics they are not interested in. Many students find it challenging to write faith integration essays that comprise the topics they are not interested in.

This is because they could not gather all the information about the topic. Furthermore, choosing a topic that conforms with your faith beliefs will easily integrate the topic based on the faith perspectives.

2. Plan your paper

Planning your faith integration paper is significant in structuring and brainstorming your ideas. Planning allows defining whatever you want to include in your paper.

It ensures the concepts addressed in the paper are well connected before the actual writing. Moreover, it allows you to evaluate your paper based on the instructor’s requirements. It is vital for any writer of faith integration paper to plan their ideas and evaluate their effectiveness before the actual writing.

It is good to construct many ideas and supporting evidence before commencing writing. Additionally, planning will give an easy time when writing a faith integration paper as a writer.

3. Construct a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement is vital in any paper because it reveals the major argument in the paper. An effective faith integration essay is revealed by the strength of the thesis statement provided at the end of the introduction paragraph.

You should ensure that the thesis statement you provide is strong enough and is justified by all the ideas addressed in the body paragraphs.

It is a good idea to write the body paragraphs before writing the introduction of your paper to allow you to construct a strong thesis statement that demonstrates the effectiveness of your faith integration essay.

4. Strive for variety

Vocabulary and sentences of different complexity define the effectiveness of any faith integration paper. When writing your faith integration research paper or essay, avoid using similar phrases words. Using varied words will make your paper readable and fascinating to your marker and readers.

Reading many journals and articles will enrich your vocabulary. Moreover, you will be able to grasp how t different sentences are structured. These aspects are fundamental in equipping you with diverse skills of writing a proficient faith integration paper that can earn you full marks.

Consequently, when writing your faith integration essay, you should apply varied vocabulary and sentences to ensure the effectiveness of the paper.

5. Proofread your work

The best way to eliminate mistakes in your paper before submission is proofreading. After writing your paper to completion, you should go through your paper

One by one to eliminate mistakes in the paper. The mistakes might include spelling errors, sentence structure, wording, and any other possible error.

Going through your work will enable you to adjust your paper and evaluate your research paper or essay based on your understanding. This can give you room to adjust your paper to meet your instructor’s requirements.

In general, proofreading is critical in ensuring that you submit an error-free script that can attract the attention of your marker and the audience.

Sample outline of faith integration paper


  • The topic is selected based on the writer’s preference or assigned by the instructor. It should be well defined and comprehensive to both the marker and the reader.

Introduction paragraph

  • Background information about the topic or an attention-grabbing statement that introduces the topic to the reader.
  • Create a strong thesis statement that reveals what is to be discussed in the body of the paper.
  • Preview of the ideas to be discussed in the body section.

1st Body paragraph

  • Topic sentence that introduces the first idea that supports the thesis statement. It should open with the transition.
  • Supporting examples, evidence, figures, and facts that are derived from both biblical scriptures and secular or scientific world views. To define the paper as a faith integration paper, you should ensure that the world views are integrated with scriptural perspectives.
  • A concise explanation that relates to the example provided with your thesis. Ensure you demonstrate cohesiveness.

2nd Body paragraph  

  • Topic sentence that explains the second idea that supports the thesis statement. Ensure it opens with a transition.
  • Supporting details include scriptural integration with other aspects of secular or scientific world views.
  • Explanation of how the facts and evidence derived from the scripture supports the thesis statement.

3rd Body Paragraph

  • Topic sentence that elaborates on the third idea that supports the thesis statement. It commences with the transition.
  • Supporting evidence includes scriptural integrations that define the purpose of the paper as a faith integration paper.
  • Explanation of how the integration of faith and any other evidence justifies the thesis statement.

Concluding paragraph

  • Begins with the transition. It involves the reinstatement of the thesis statement. The thesis statement is paraphrased.
  • Rephrasing the ideas discussed in the body paragraphs. A brief and concise summary of the ideas is provided, and their connection with the thesis statement is clarified.
  • The paragraph is concluded with a sentence that explains an intended future response or global statement concerning the topic.

Below is a short faith integration essay sample that can inspire your research and writing process.

Example of faith integration Essay

Parenting is one of the most important and toughest jobs. All of us are responsible for ensuring that all parents access the support and resources they require to conduct successful parenting. Communities can play a great role in aiding families to get the strength they require to raise healthy, productive, and safe children. Being a Christian nurse, I believe curbing child abuse is one of the responsibilities that God granted us. And we should understand our neighbors because challenges can be less overwhelming with nearby support. You should assist families experiencing stress by offering to babysit or providing resources that can support the same. It is vital to reach children within our community. The provision of a word of encouragement or a smile can positively impact the child’s life. Just as the Bible elaborates, the objective of Biblical parenthood is defined by raising children who follow and love God (Deuteronomy 6:2) and fulfilling their potential (Proverbs 22:6). Being active in children’s matters in the community assists the children in the community and helps to terminate child abuse. However, linking the Bible with child abuse is challenging because people are generally tempted to extremes. According to Jackson (2016), most people who abuse their kids justify their violent acts through biblical misinterpretation. The Bible protects the children but provides measures that can be applied to shape their character.

In my view, child abuse is considered a sin, and it does not matter whether it is verbal, sexual, physical, spiritual, or emotional. In Titus 2:4, the scripture instructs us to love children. The future of a certain community is defined by promoting the health and interest of future generations. A community that invests in children will profit from such investment through social responsibility and lifetime productivity. All children should be treated equally to experience development and healthy growth. If child abuse affects this opportunity, our future is grounded in a risky state. Our God wants to see us granting every child an equal opportunity for healthy growth. Many Child welfare professionals promote the protection of children from any form of abuse. However, the problem should be delegated to everyone. American Humane Association (2016) suggests that all people should be involved in protecting children. Generally, protecting children from violation and abuse should be everyone’s responsibility in the community.


American Humane Association. (2013). The state of America’s children. Retrieved from

Jackson, W. (2016). Language of the Bible. Christian Courier.49(8).30-32.

Final Remarks!

By now you understand that any paper that requires you to embed religious aspects, doctrines, or scriptures is a faith integration paper. You have to use both scientific research and religious evidence when completing this paper. A high-quality paper is paramount for the best grades.

We have outlined 8 steps you can take and tips that can help you write an excellent faith integration paper. Although you will be approaching this task as your regular research paper or essay, you must ensure that the facts are supported both by scientific literature or the bible and other religious texts.

We recommend reading and re-reading your instructions, adequate planning, and comprehensive research before writing this paper. Write an outline once you have chosen a preliminary thesis statement and refine it as you develop the body paragraphs.

As you craft the introduction, ensure that you use good hook statements to attract and keep the attention of the readers. With that said and done, we wish you luck. If you wish that our expert writers write your faith integration paper for you, do not hesitate to place an order.