How to Write an Admission Essay

Writing a perfect college admission essay can seem pretty much easy. However, unlike other essays, you don’t just throw in words and expect something to create up. Come on; you are trying to convince an entire admissions committee. Are you wondering about how to write an admission essay?

Majorly, the committee is hard to please, and there are some nitty grittiest they look for in your college admission essays and personal statements.

Whether it is just admission for college, university, internship, or an MBA, you need to understand how to write a perfect admission essay.

This essay exposes you to the knowledge on how to write an admission essay. Let us get started already!

Tips on Writing a Perfect Admission Essay

There are a few things to consider before settling down to write your admission or common app essay.

Ordinarily, some students write poor quality admission essays that end up denying them entry to their dream college.

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When stuck with writing one, feel free to contact us for help. Nevertheless, here are some useful steps.

Read the Prompt

The prompt offers a way to understand the college or university admission officers/committee.  It also helps you understand some of the requirements including the word count.

Mostly, admission essays range between 500 words to 650 words per question in the prompt. Of course, you would expect the length to vary by university.

The prompt helps you fit into the essay-writing process. It might help to read and reread the prompt to get the gist of every question.

It would help if you reflected within yourself as you go through the admission essay prompt and brainstorm for ideas. However, understand the scope of each question and place yourself into the context of every question.

It would be best if you never researched how to write a college admission essay before reading the prompt. It is a total waste of time.


Idea generation is a critical process in admission essay writing. Undeniably, this is the hardest part compared to writing the actual application essay. It enables you to carve out all those ideas in your mind before commencing to write.

Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, personality, experiences, achievements, and uniqueness. Ask yourself, what makes me the best candidate for this position? Which strengths and weaknesses do I have? Or how would my peers describe me?

Scribble all your ideas on paper or type them as notes on your computer. Narrow into the relevant options by choosing the three most suitable idea points to develop further in your admission essay.

Choose the story you see as a forte supporting idea and expand it in the essay.

Write an Outline

Our tips for writing an outstanding application essay will be useless if we do not stress the importance of an essay outline. Like any other essay, creating an outline is like having a blueprint for a skyscraper.

Cooks have recipes, mechanics have guides, and programmers have codes, you too must have a plan. The same rules for writing five-paragraph essays or classification essays, we discussed, apply here.

Have the outline distinguish what falls in which section. IT would help to have the excellent and captivating stories at the beginning, the middle, and at the end.

Below are expert tips on how to write college admission essays.

To begin with, have a hook in your introduction, a set of body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

Plan on how to begin the admission essay, maybe through an analogy, humor, a quote, or an anecdote.

Choose one writing style you want to stick with and the tone as well. Mostly, admission essays tolerate the use of personal nouns and passive sentences, unlike conventional essays. Utilize that chance, after all, it is the only form of academic writing you will use such.

College admission Essay Prompt Examples

Here is what to expect when seeking applications to colleges and universities. We have compiled a list of sample college admission essay prompts for you.

“How is food related to dietetics practice? What is the role of the dietitian in facilitating clients or patients to change their eating behavior? How is the OSUDI program specifically suited to you and your professional interests?

Describe the reason(s) you have selected this particular option of sonography and why sonography, and this option of the profession, is a good fit for you. Describe the skills and aptitudes you possess that you believe you would make you successful in this profession. Provide details of your time commitment and dates; include key activities/duties and specifics for your involvement with patient contact or customer service. Describe your post-secondary education experience. (In order for your post-secondary education to be considered, supporting transcripts must be uploaded to your application.)

What motivated you to apply to NYU Shanghai?

The Global UGRAD Program is for young leaders committed to serving their home communities. Why would you be a great participant of the Global UGRAD Program?

Using the following quotations from The Moral Obligations of Living in a Democratic Society about an event or experience that helped you define one of your values or changed how you approach the world:

Empathy is not simply a matter of trying to imagine what others are going through but having the will to muster enough courage to do something about it. In a way, empathy is predicated upon hope.

Write my Admission Essay

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However, let us share some nuggets of wisdom required when writing one.

Naturally, the outline is preceded by writing. Here, you are building on ideas from your outline step-by-step. You are now knowledgeable about how your essay will turn out.  It is time to get on the train and keep the rails busy. First, begin by revising the draft from the outline.

Remember to take a narrow and personal approach when writing the essay. Keep the readers glued. Give them clues that lead to the next one.

Be very specific about issues, facts, and information. Memorably, you should avoid clichés and do not be too predictable, controversy keeps the admissions committee entertained.

Be very concise. If it is a 1000-word essay or a 500-word essay, do not use 100 words where 20 words would do.

Proofread, Edit, and Revise the Admission Essay

Writing the admission essay is one thing, what comes after it depends if you revisit your points. This is a very critical step that you should not bypass.

You can do the proofreading for some hours or days after writing the essay. Computers are intelligent but do not rely mostly on their grammar check for corrections on your admission essay.

Instead, use third parties like editors and proofreaders to edit your essay. A third eye would do much in spotting your weakness.

Read your essay backward and see whether it makes sense. In some cases, shout out loud when reading your essay to find some ambiguous sentences.

It would be best if you also dwelled in the consistency and flow of your essay. A good flowing essay brings great readership and an instant admission.

Focus on the Loose Ends

Writing and submitting a successful college essay is both time and energy-consuming. Nothing pains like spending so much time to think only to be turned down on account of some tiny issues. Like medical reports, the admission essay must be near perfect.

Always make sure that you are applying to the write college, have the right essay prompt, and have submitted the right essay. Communicate and ensure the paper reaches the university you are applying.

Whether you are asked to write 500 words about yourself or tackling a 1000-word college admission essay, these tips on how to write an admission essay apply. This article is also useful for students seeking to understand the college application essay format, common app essay outline, and how long should a common app essay be?

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