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Our Terms

Registration procedure

In order to qualify as a writer you must, first of all, have a valid email address and a phone number (preferably, a cell-phone number) that you can be reached at. We realize that your spoken English may differ from your writing skills as it may be a second language for you. Don't worry, we do not care about your spoken English, as long as your written skills and grammar are of the proper level.

If you agree with our terms and conditions and if you feel you are a perfect candidate for the job, please take a moment to sign up as a writer. Once the application is submitted, reviewed and accepted, our HR team representative will send you a short email of acceptance. If your application gets turned down, you will also be notified.

Once your application is approved, you will be granted access to the writer's area, also known as orderbox. It is a password-protected area of the website where our registered writers apply for available orders. You will be emailed with a set of instructions on how to use your personal orderbox. It's not complicated at all - everything is pretty much self-explanatory. Besides, there will be hints and FAQs to help you around.

Order processing procedure

Assignments are called orders in your orderbox, since you will be paid money to complete them. Once logged in, click on "available orders" tab to view a list of assignments available for pick-up. When you choose an assignment, click on "Request order" button to notify our staff that you are willing to complete this order. You need to treat your orders very seriously. Do not pick an order that you cannot complete. Before you proceed, please read the assignment criteria and instructions carefully.

Payment terms and conditions

When filling out an application, please specify your preferred method of payment. Currently our support payment methods are: PayPal, Payoneer & Bank Wire Transfer. We work with hundreds of writers worldwide and these methods have proved their efficiency.

Our pay dates are the 1st and 15th of every month, but no earlier than two weeks after the completed order is uploaded into the orderbox. Please note, some orders may require a revision requested by the customer, and need to be revised immediately. Orders under revision will not be counted as paid until they have been fully revised. Normally, the better you write, the less likely the customer is to request a revision.

Payment methods, wages and procedures

Our wages vary from $5 to $15 per page, depending on the difficulty and urgency of the assignment. In case the order has been uploaded by the deadline specified, or requires revisions because of the writer's fault, wages may be cut in proportion to the refund issued to the customer. If the order is found to have been plagiarized, it will not be paid, and there might be a fine, depending on the amount of plagiarism in the paper. Copied (stolen) orders will be rejected if found and violators will be suspended. Copying customer criteria is also prohibited. The order you complete for the customer is meant for the customer's use only. You are not allowed to publish, copy, reproduce or otherwise make publicly available works that you completed for the Company. Company owns copyright to all materials written by you during your work at

Customer information must remain confidential. Use proper citation to avoid plagiarism in your works.

We currently support the following payment methods:

Please note that we usually are never late with the salaries. In many cases we issue payments one or two days before the payment date. Payment info is usually published in our News Section of the website.

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